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ASafe industrial strength deodorizer for Trash Odor Control​



​​​​Trash Blaster TM   A safe all natural, industrial strength enzyme used for odor elimination & maximum sanitation of garbage related odors and bacteria as an alternative to pesticides that control fruit flies.

Trash Blaster TM  Was formulated with over 50 years of family experience in the environmental sanitation industry to eliminate the problems of foul odors and the need to digest organic matter primarily for the waste management & restaurant industry with personal safety in mind. Our all natural product (PH 7)  keeps environmental awareness at the forefront of our creation.

Unsanitary or unsafe workplace environments create bad morale among valuable staff members who are asked to work in those areas, resulting in unwanted code violations, food health hygiene restrictions.

Trash Odors and unwanted waste related bugs can give your customers, clients or residents the wrong impression of your business or management skills. 

A damaged business reputation can be very costly to try and reverse or rebuild, if at all.

Trash Blaster TM Combines odor counteract, organic waste digestant and a safe alternative to harmful pesticides used to control bugs & fruit flies. We simply remove bacteria that trash related bugs use to live and breed.

Trash Blaster TM Concentrate is highly effective in heavy waste or grease area for trash cans, compactors, dumpsters, dumpster pads, garbage trucks, trash chutes, trash rooms and restaurant drains.

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